193 attend Rochelle annual school picnic

Rochelle exes who recently attended the annual Rochelle School picnic were Robert Henderson, Jimmy Boyd, Royce Yates, Paul and Nina Cottle, Raymond and Nina Cowan, Dick and Mary Ann (Rodgers) Swenning, Roy and Glenda (Williams) Miller, Ken and Charley Cottle, Betty (McCartney) Phelps; Patsy (Waddill) Baker, Marcia (McDonald) Arons, Valire (Brown) Engdahl, Max Squires, Oren Earl Cox, Bob and Margaret Engdahl, Maynard and Diny Myers, Clifton Brown, Joe and Eloise (Benefield) Priest, Harold (Sonny) McBee, Thelma (Farris) McDonald; Lou (Sellman) Bunten, Ann Bolton, Ollie Harvison, Gladys (Brown) Baumstimler, Jo Castleman, Mary (Rodgers) Zientek, Jack and Nelva (Wright) Turner, Johnie Joe and Ann Patterson, Lillie Mae (Waddill) Mathews, R.L. and Lillie Mae Shafer, Sue (Haywood) Farris; Bill and Lillian (Haywood) Johnson, Clayton and Iris Hope (Squires) Sorrells, Gary Sorrells, Dalton and Vi Vick, Mildred (Brown) Wickson, Nellie (Dennis) Castles, Jerry and Leona Nancy (Shafer) Squires, Royce Squiers, A.T. and Patsy (Dennis) Pridemore; Bill and Jo Nell (Stewart) Barber; Cooter and Joyce (Stewart) Roper, Ken and Gloria (Myers) Barr, Ike Davenport, Dudley and Winnie (Hughes) Berquist, Nelda Vick Eubank, John and Reba Jo (Cantrell) Nelms, Johnnie (Segrest) Webster, Joe Deeds, Joe (Shorty) and Wanda Shafer, Ardell (Horsefly) Brown, Bobby and Evelyn McCartney, Lewis and Bobbie Jordan, Truman Long; Charles and Emagene (Sansom) Haenisch, Leona (Sanson) Williams, Beverly (Engdahl) Striegler, Nell Dean (Cox) Smith, LaVern (Cox) Smith Huffman, Velma Ruth (Cole) Lloyd, Sam and Lou Knight, Lou Knight, Lauren Knight, Jean Dale and Betty Jane (Clary) Knutson, Wayne (Pee Wee) and Betty Mooring; Bonnie (Long) Adams, P.D. and Winkie (Boyles) Hendrix, Willie (Boyles) Hibbs, James and Odell (Virdell) Hobbs, Don and Wilma Neal, Edna (Rodgers) Mueller, Lola (Rodgers) Stephenson, Hazel (Rodgers) Dillin, Charles Palmer, Jonathan Henry, Nadine (Gossett) Leggett, Shad Bryson, Stanley and Norine Martin; Drew Martin, Louise Martin, Sherron Lee, Leon Milburn, Chester and Stella Moore, Alice Moore, Roy Sellman, Jimmy and Betty (Parrish) Stewart, Marguerite Bratton, Fay Knutson, Bernay Sheffield, Pauline (Roberts) Smith, Kathy Burnett, Andy Allen, Burrell and Jane (Wilson) White, Howard and Opal Brown, Sadie (Cox) Kilmer, J.R. Cawyer; Julie Merle (Penn) Smith, Vance and Frances (Crew) Yates, Curtis and Joyce Jones, Joe Brown Gault, Violet (Shafer) Weeks, Donna (Lyles) Adams, David and Ouita Bratton, Estelle (Cottrell) Williamson, Leland and Madeline Banks, Lynn Banks, Ann (Short) Roberts; Rufus and Linda (Roberts) Beam, Gary and Claylene Gossett, Shaylene Gossett, Amber Gossett, James Dennis, Annette (Williamson) Wise, Joe Gale Johanson, Willie and Sara Jo (Murrah) Myers, Mary (Longley) Bradshaw, Sam Knutson, Duane and Christine (Myers) Pulsifer, Bill and Ivadell Huffman, Richie and Shirley (Cottle) Reed, Dorotyh McDavid; Lurlene (Patterson) Sanders, Sarah (Dennis) Adams, Betty (Dennis) Price, Martha (Stewart) Bryson, Ethel (Stewart) Cole, Alvin Lewis Bolton, Bob Smith, Tootsie and Ila Mitchell, Jack and Donna Gartman, Shannon Davenport, Jim Bob and Sterling Roddie, Jay Roddie, Kim Godwin, Courtney Godwin, Bo and Mary (Mitchell) Rose, Bo Rose III, Rex Rose, Amy Rose, Ben F. Morrison Jr., and Aaron and Wynell (Jacobson) Roper. The Rochelle High School graduating class of 1950 has donated money to open a fund to place a trophy case in the foyer of the new school gymnasium. Any class that donates at least $100 or more will have their graduation year placed on the case. Those who wish to participate shoucl mail their gift donation to: Rochelle ISD, attn. trophy fund, P.O. Box 167, Rochelle, Tex. 76872.

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