Fireworks use limited at Brady Lake park

Fireworks are a part of the July 4 celebration for many McCulloch County residents. Area law enforcement officials are stressing the safe use and detonation of the fireworks this holiday weekend especially in public areas at and around Brady Lake. According to Brady Police Chief John Stewart, all exploding fireworks are forbidden within the boundaries of the park at the lake. This is being done in response to several safety issues and complaints at last year’s July 4 gathering. “We had several problems last year with fireworks being exploded in close proximity to large groups of people,” said Stewart. “We will have officers stationed at the entrances to the parks asking persons not to bring exploding-type fireworks into the park area. “If people choose to detonate these types of fireworks within the park, they will be ticketed and fined. Our main concern is the general safety of the public as a whole.” Chief Stewart emphasizes that exploding types of fireworks including bottle rockets and firecrackers will be banned from the park. Fireworks such as sparklers and fountains will be permitted. Citizens are also reminded that possession of fireworks within the city limits is not prohibited but detonation of them is punishable by fines.

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