To the Editor

Letter to the editor, Ah-ha, finally we put a stop to student-led prayers at football games. Now if we can figure out a way to stop the pre-game prayers in the dressing rooms. I think my girls’ basketball team may be doing this before they play a game. I’m not in there, so I’m not sure. Maybe if I sneak around I can catch them at it. I’m a little worried about how we are going to pay our electrical bills and the officials this coming year. According to the ACLU, the supreme court is going to rule that all students must get into games free and that their concessions must be free also. I think their logic for this ruling is that they are afraid students may look at their coins or currency and see the words the government placed there… “In God We Trust.” Students, melt down your coins and burn your currency and whatever you do, don’t exhibit any “trust in God.” You might offend someone. MIKE GARDNER Rochelle

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