Key personnel changes made by Brady ISD board of trustees

Following Monday’s regular meeting of the Brady ISD Board of Trustees, several key personnel changes were accepted and approved for various positions throughout the district. Two of the most significant changes approved by the board were the hiring of Shawn Dalbart, a longtime friend of coach Jay Jones, as the new high school boys’ basketball coach and also the transfer of Jenny Roberts from assistant principal at Brady Elementary to principal of North Ward Elementary. Other hirings included Steve Butler as assistant principal at Brady Elementary, Melissa Murchinson as a high school science teacher, Camille Blyshak as an art teacher at Brady Middle School, Sue Marchbank as a special education teacher, and Sterling Roddie and Jennifer Dossey as special education teachers at Brady Elementary School. The board also accepted the resignations of Charla Flippin and Debra Horton. In the informational section of the meeting, McCulloch County Appraisal District representative Orlando Rubio reported that estimated collections thus far this year are trending toward a possible level that could be as much as $200,000 more than last year. “This is just an estimation that Rubio stressed to us Monday night,” board member Michael Schaffner told the Standard-Herald on Wednesday. Enrollment figures for the district are hovering at approximately 1380 students which is considered normal for the area. A positive note discussed by the board was the report of the 1998-99 Administrative Cost Ratio (ACR) for the school district. The ACR is a state monitored ratio that calls for administrative costs of a school district to be under 14 percent of the total instructional costs for the entire district. Brady ISD’s ACR for 1998-99 was nine percent. In the monthly financial report, the board was informed that the cash levels are lower than normal at the present time due to lack of state funding during the past few months. According to Schaffner, 80 percent of Brady ISD’s annual operating budget comes from state funding which is not distributed in several summer months. Schaffner also stated that the amount of state funds the district receives is directly correlated to the level of property taxes levied on the local level. In a construction update, BISD Supt. Max Gordon informed the board that the final sign-off on the construction of the middle school is expected some time near the end of August. He also informed the board of the progress being made at relocating a portable building taken from South Ward and placed at North Ward for the purpose of holding two additional classes. In the final topics of the evening, the board accepted the same insurance company already being used to provide a secondary accident insurance plan for all extracurricular activities for BISD students. They also approved the schedule of teacher assessments that will be performed in the 2000-2001 school year.

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