Brady School tax increase up to voters

Voters in the Brady School district go to the polls Saturday to vote on raising the school maintenance tax. The school tax now stands at $1.50 ($1 for maintenance and 50′ for bond retirement). Approval by the voters Saturday would give the school board authority to raise the maintenance tax to $1.50’or a total of $2. Supt. C.A. Reynolds emphasized, however, that the board isn’t proposing to levy the entire $2.” The board members haven’t decided where to set the rate, but they figure it will take $1.69’a 19-cent increase’to maintain the school program at its present level. On a home valued at $3,000 that would mean a tax increase of $5.70 a year’from $45 to $50.70. The only voting box will be at the courthouse in Brady, but all taxpayers in Voca, Camp San Saba, Calf Creek and other areas within the Brady School district are eligible to vote, of course. The polls will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Reynolds explained that school costs have gradually climbed upward over the last few years’through inflation and increased enrollment’until the district faces an estimated deficit of $12,000 next year. “And the school buildings are getting old, and it just takes more to maintain them,” he said. “The board is endeavoring to maintain a school that they think the people want.” Looking to the future, Reynolds said these are improvements the board would like to make: 1. Improvement in the high school homemaking departments; 2. Addition of teachers to relieve overcrowded classrooms; 3. Improvements at the Dunbar School, possibly by adding a homemaking course there; and 4. Improvement of science instruction and facilities. Operating the Brady school system requires about $390,000 a year, but less than half (about $128,000) is contributed to local taxes. The remainder comes from state funds. * * * Jury selection slow in Odessa murder trial Only three jurors have been chosen Wednesday for the murder trial of T.M. Shirley, 38, charged with the fatal shooting of his wife last Aug. 24. Mrs. Shirley, 35, was the former Avis Farmer, daughter of Zephie Farmer of Brady. Struck three times by slugs from a .38 caliber revolver, she was shot to death in the den of the Shirley home in Odessa. The body was returned to Brady for burial in Rest Haven Cemetery. Born in Fredonia and a former resident of Brady, Mrs. Shirley had been in Odessa 11 years and was the mother of three children. The case against her husband was ordered to trial in 70th District Court in Odessa Tuesday morning. After two days of questioning, the special venire of 210 men had dwindled to 70 with only three accepted for the jury. Mrs. Shirley’s family has hired Earl Smith of San Angelo as a special prosecutor to assist District Attorney George Fowler. (In a Brady case, Smith is defense attorney for Rollie White Ledbetter, charged here in the poison death of his wife.) Mrs. Shirley’s husband is represented by Odessa attorney Warren Burnett and Corpus Christi attorney Luther Jones. Mrs. Shirley was the sister of Mrs. Zane Carroll of Lohn, Mrs. Billy Underwood and Thomas (Boy) Farmer, and Mrs. Richard Blackburn, all of Brady. * * * Mercury News Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Finning, Eldorado, and Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cates spent Sunday, June 14, with Mr. and Mrs. Jud Bratton. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith, Fort Stockton, visited the Brattons last Friday. C.H. Pence and Mrs. Carol Dial, Brady, came Sunday afternoon for a visit with Mrs. Bratton. Mr. and Mrs. Son Bratton, Elaine and Barbara, spent Sunday with Mrs. Bob White at Hamilton. Joey Williamson, Dallas, who was visiting his grandparents, came home with the Brattons. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kirby, Ricky and Jimmy of Brownwood and Mrs. C.E. Kirby of Brady spent last Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Penn. The Penns returned Mrs. Kirby’s visit by driving to Brady Sunday after church for lunch with her. Mrs. Albert Finnigan returned Friday afternoon after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jack Finnigan at San Antonio and her sister, Mrs. Ona Lockhart and Jerry Finnigan at Austin this past week. Mrs. Lockhart accompanied her home for a short visit. * * * 53 relatives at Cude family reunion The Cude family reunion was held in Brady at Richards Park with 52 relatives attending. At noon each family spread their basket lunch with the others and everyone enjoyed a delightful meal together. Pictures were taken of the group during the afternoon. Mrs. Annie Meredith of Brady was elected as next year’s president with Mrs. W.E. Cude, also of Brady, to serve as secretary-treasurer. The group voted to meet together again next year on the third Sunday in June at Richards Park in Brady. Families registering were Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Drake and Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. Whit Whittington, Joe Wayne and Mary Alice, Coleman; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cude, Frieda and Jimmie, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pickle, Marie Long and Paul Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cude, Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cude and Sherlene of Boerne; Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Turner, Roanoke; Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Beam and Billy, Beauford, Gordon, Kerman, Norma, Alma Mae, Angeline and Nellie of Mason; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jones, Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. Owen Jones and Jeanette, Austin; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Probst and Diane, Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Deeds, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roberts of Rochelle. Hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Chester Penn, Mrs. Ethel Adams, Mrs. Alpha Eckert, Mrs. Elmer Eckert, Mrs. Phillip Smith, Mrs. Bill Harwell, Mrs. J.W. McBride, Mrs. Glen Williamson, Mrs. Dana Henderson, Sr., Mrs. Lannie Underwood, Mrs. Elbert Doyal, Mrs. Leland Banks and Mrs. Sam Gamblin. * * * Lohn News Showers over the weekend cooled off the high temperatures which had prevailed for several days last week. Moisture over the valley ranged from 0.10 of an inch to an inch with a small area being favored with the larger amount which included the Marion Fowler, R.W. Johnson, Jr., and W.L. Ewing farms. Mr. and Mrs. Travis Barrett, Mike and Becky of big Spring spent from Friday till Sunday with the lady’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Browning. Mrs. James Larremore and children, Billy, Mike and Patty Gayle of San Angelo arrived Tuesday for a few days visit with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.O. Huie. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Third son Capt. and Mrs. Bruce M. Miller are the parents of a third son born June 9. He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and has been named Gregory Thomas. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Seay of El Paso and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hill Miller of Brady. * * * Visiting in California Mr. and Mrs. Charley Miller of Waldrip left Wednesday for a two-weeks vacation trip to Altadena, Calif. While there they will be the guests of their daughter, Mrs. Chris McDonnell and family. * * * Back from Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. Ramey Dikes returned home Sunday from Benton, Ky., where they spent several days visiting Mrs. Dikes’ brother, Millard Tague and Mrs. Tague. They were accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Jim Behringer and Lydia Ann. In addition to Texas, they visited five states, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. The trip was an enjoyable one, and the scenery was beautiful, but “it’s not Texas, it’s not home,” they said.

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