Texas AeroColor opens doors for aircraft painting at airport

Curtis Field opened a set of doors last month to house a new business’a company up to this point unknown to the Brady/McCulloch County Area. A new company organized just a few short months ago, Texas AeroColor, Inc., has made its temporary home in one of the hangers at the airport. Owners, Alan Woodson and Guadalupe Dinas, relocated their airplane painting company from Devine. With Woodson beginning his airplane painting endeavors in California in 1976, the duo has almost 25 years experience under their wings. Dinas, a 1992 graduate of the Hallmark Institute of San Antonio, is also the owner of an engine overhaul shop in Devine. Both men were previously employed with Aircraft Refinishers of South Texas in Devine. Navigating their business into a successful career, both men are licensed aircraft mechanics. Woodson is currently a student pilot while Dinas is a multi-engine pilot. Included in their business performances, Texas AeroColor Inc. specializes in sheet metal repairs, painting, window replacement and minor engine repair. Texas AeroColor will be working out of the hanger until a new location can be purchased and a hanger constructed nearby the airport. Through the combined efforts of the Economic Development Corporation, McCulloch County Industrial Foundation and the City of Brady, the new facility could be in complete order by winter. Before making the decision to relocate to Brady, the company explored the possibilities of setting up shop in a community south of San Antonio. “No one in that area seemed to be receptive to our ideas,” said Woodson. “The first town we came to that was really interested in our business was Fredericksburg.” Not limiting their options, Woodson and Dinas decided to keep searching for another location. “Because Fredericksburg is a tourist town, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to live there,” added Woodson. “We first stopped in Brady in February and found the airport and city to be very receptive.” The short term version of their goal was to get the painting business established. Then, the next step will be to cycle in airplane upholstery. “If the painting and upholstery business is successful, we’ll move in an engine repair shop,” Woodson said. “Our long-range plan is to have a one-stop shop at Brady. Pilots will fly in with a beat-up airplane and leave with a completely refurbished piece of equipment.” Texas AeroColor eventually plans to add a second and third hanger to accommodate the services provided. “Hanger space is becoming really limited in Fredericksburg,” Woodson said. “In Fredericksburg we wouldn’t have been able to even consider expansion with additional hangers.” Texas AeroColor is currently in the process of completing the building design and site plan. Following the completion of that phase, the EDC will let the construction process out for bids which takes about 21 days. The expansion with the second and third hangers will develop within a four to five year period. After the construction of the first hanger, Woodson estimates that 10-15 new local jobs will be available in the Brady/McCulloch County area. Calculating in the 45-60 days needed for construction, the first hanger could be expected by next winter.

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    That business has since closed down. That’s an old post.

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