County Extension Report

Several McCulloch County 4-Hers competed in the 4-H District Round-up in San Angelo on May 6. The following is a list of participants who placed in their respective events: Junior Method Demonstration Buying Quality Clothing’Becca Willmann and Kayla Weeks, second place. Senior Method Demonstration Untangle the lingo used in our registration papers-beef cattle’Casey Kidd, first place. Junior Share the Fun: Drama “The Weather Announcers”‘Katie Kidd, Glenn Van Dyke, Wendee Carlson, Michael Cook, Chandra Dean, Christina DeFiore, Destiny Galindo and Brittney Parks, second place. Senior Share the Fun: Drama “The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf”‘Ashleigh Cook, Monica Griffith, Russell Dean, Chad Holubec, Cody Holubec, Leslie Ranne and Diane Shuffler, second place. Senior Clothing Construction Division’Jennah Behrens, first place, dressy; Gracie Rocha, second place, casual; Meagan Schaffner, second place, formal; Monica Griffith, first place, specialty. Buying Division’Leslie Ranne, second place, casual wear; Ashleigh Cook, second place, specialty; Jackie Porras, second place, formal. Family Life Educational Activity Miller Ansell, Jenna Behrens, Erica Paniagua, Gracie Rocha and Meagan Schaffner, first place.

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