Council places old MEC building back on ‘burner’

On Tuesday night’s agenda for discussion, two projects addressed in the meeting will have the City Council moving forward with items that for some time have been allowed to settle on the “back burner”. The first discussion item holds high regard to the future advancement of the Brady Fire Department, Police Department and Municipal Court. Purchased last year by the City of Brady, the old McCulloch Electric Co-op building located on South Elm Street, was initially the proposed site for the departments. Because much renovation would be needed before a move-in, the Council sought the expertise of an architectural firm. With no feedback or bids submitted to the City Council the item was laid to rest. Rather than continue to allow the asset to sit idle and because $80,000 is already budgeted for the proposed renovations, the Council voted again Tuesday night to seek additional bids and re-open the possibilities of completing a joint location for the departments. The other discussion item cycled out of existence many years ago, but with Tuesday’s approval to get the ball rolling, Brady residents could be witness to a new recycling center in the near future. The City Council appointed City Manager Gary Broz to seek proposals on a recycling center. The overall intent is to take some strain off of the landfill and get residents back into the habit of helping the environment. A meeting attendee recommended that the Council consider stationing a center or drop off point on both the north and southsides of Brady to accommodate all residential areas. Two bids passed over in the last City Council meeting’one submitted by Lee Williams and the other by David Graves’were denied the second go around on the agenda. Both Williams and Graves submitted bids to take over the pro shop operations at the Brady Municipal Golf Course. Instead, the Council chose to continue to oversee the pro shop operations and promote Gwen Bush from a part-time employee at the golf course to a full-time employee. The City will fill the part-time position vacated by Mrs. Bush in the near future. In other business, only one ordinance appeared on the agenda and included an amendment to the 1999-2000 fiscal year budget. The Council amended the budget to pay for compactor repairs and the replacement of the city building official. The building official position was previously held by newly elected Place 2 City Councilman Jesse McAnally who recently retired after 49 years service with the City of Brady. As of today, the position has not been filled and applications are still being accepted at City Hall. An action item discussed at the meeting had the members of the Council up in arms as to whether or not the language expressed in Resolution No. 99-011 was in compliance with certain street improvements currently in effect. The resolution relates to proposed infrastructure improvements in Brady beginning with the underlying water and gas lines and street base material. Less than one year ago the Council expressed a resolve to begin infrastructures repairs. The sequence of events was addressed as to how it would be conducted’beginning with the underlying pipes and working up to the base material. The resolution states that no money will be allowed for street repairs and that repairs are on hold. Councilman Larry Sharp questioned, “Do we have a course of action or do we not'” An estimated $340,000 in surplus money was allocated to begin the infrastructure repairs. A large portion of that money has been spent on cathodic protection, repairs to Water Well No. 2 and water and gas line repairs with $118,000 remaining. “The concept is to get the underground work done and then work our way up,” said Sharp. He questioned whether or not the language expressed in the resolution needed amending because street repairs are currently taking place around town. The motion was made by Councilman Matt Mills to leave the resolution as it is and to not make any changes but to continue with patching pot holes and hold off on any major street renovations.

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