‘Big D Jamboree’ booked as new Jubilee feature

The Big D Jamboree from Dallas is coming to Brady to play a show date as a feature of this year’s July Jubilee celebration. The show is booked for 8 p.m. Friday, July 3, in the Brady High School stadium. Admission will be $1 for adults and 50′ for children under 12 years of age. “I can assure you that the show is one of the best to be had’It will consist mainly of country and western tunes and acts with a little rock-and-roll to satisfy the younger people,” said Ed Watt, manager from the Jamboree. Jubilee General Manager Korky Steffens said he is enthusiastic about the Jamboree’s appearance here. “We wanted something new at the Jubilee this year, and I think this is a show that will really draw a crowd.” Among the Big D performers who will appear here are Eddie McDuff of Argo Records, the Youngsters of Checker Records, Ronnie Dee of Backbeat Records and Orville Couch of “D” Records. McDuff has a new hit song out now “Car Trouble,” which is expected to be up in the charts by the time of the Brady show. The Youngsters are noted throughout the southwest as the Belew Twins. Lonnie Smithson and The Country Gentlemen will be here also. They are known all over this section as “The Light Crust Dough Boys,” consisting of Marvin Montgomery on banjo, Kenn Cobb on bass, Johnny Strawn on fiddle and Paul Blunt on steel guitar. McDuff, Smithson and Couch also team up as a group known on Big D as the “Stump Jumpers.” * * * New company plans opening for Monday The Heart O’Texas Supply Company’new dealer for International Harvester in Brady’will hold its formal opening next Monday. To be operated by Buford Sheffield, Jr., the company is the former Woodard Truck & Tractor Company, purchased just before the recent death of I.Z. Woodard. The firm, just west of Brady on the San Angelo highway, will handle International Harvester’s line of tractors, trucks, pickups and farm implements, in addition to tires and used and new autos. “It will be a farmer’s supply house. We’ll handle a little bit of everything when we get into it, hay, wire, everything a farmer needs,” Sheffield said. A complete line of service with specialized mechanics will be available, along with parts in stock. * * * Street lights out while switch being replaced at plant Why are the street lights out’ The switchgear which controls a part of the street lights has been removed from the power plant building, a portion of which is now being remodeled to house two new engines. The old, obsolete switch will be replaced with new equipment. “When we took out the old switch we expected to have the new one here the next day. Then we found out that it had to be shipped from the factory, and we’re still waiting for it to come in,” said City Supt. James Feazelle. Only the street lights in the south residential area are out. Street lights on the north side and the “whiteway” lights along the highway are on other circuits. * * * Mercury News The wind, rain and hail storm Wednesday of last week spread terrible destruction over a wide strip of country. Local reports cover from the Fred Wulff Jr., place on the Willie White Ranch, through Company, M.D. Rice and Pumphrey pastures to Placid and on as far southeast as the Claude Knight place. The trial of the storm some places more than two miles wide, showed terrible damage to trees, grass, crops, gardens, homes, sheds, barns, and miles of fences washed out or damaged by the flooding of creeks and draws by the torrential rains. It is impossible to describe the terrible havoc wrought at the M.D. Rice place where the big barn and sheds housing his commercial feeding pens, granaries, feed bins, tools and tool houses and some farm equipment were destroyed. The roofs and walls were completely wrecked, grain in bins wet, one large granary pulled loose from its concrete foundation and turned around, galvanized iron roofing and timbers scattered over the pasture and the big liveoak trees surrounding the home site pitifully damaged. One large tree was uprooted and large limbs broken off of the others. Almost miraculously the house was spared the fate of the barns. There was a bad hole torn in the main roof and other damage but by being home in time to mop up the water they were able to prevent too serious damage inside. The rain amounted to 4.7 inches in 28 minutes in Mercury and ranged from that to two to three inches in other parts of the community. * * * Family’s second fire but damage little Fire about 1 p.m. Thursday did only minor damage to the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. (Red) Williams, 400 West Seventh St. Grass caught fire under the front step, causing considerable smoke and alarm, but little real damage. The family was burned out of a house on the Voca road just one month ago. * * * Lohn News We had wonderful rains last week that put a new look on the countryside. Farmers are rushed getting cotton and feed planted while crops that were already planted and up are growing by leaps and bounds. Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Edwards and family attended the Bills family reunion at City Park in Stephenville recently. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rodgers of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Neyland, Jr., and Elbert of Del Rio were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Neyland, Sr. Elbert remained for a longer visit with his grandparents. Going from here to attend the Solsberry-Harris reunion at Richards Park in Brady last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Solsbery, Peggy, Fowler and Gayla, Mr. and Mrs. D.N. Solsbery, Nelson, Phyllis and Patty, Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Solsbery, Tad, Gerie and Joann, and Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Solsbery, Jr. * * * Society Mrs. Charles Bitters, Virginia and Johnny of Austin, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johanson of East Sweden community, Monday through Thursday. Mr. Bitters is employed by the Texas Education Agency as a consultant in the administrative division and she teaches in the Highland Park Elementary School in Austin. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS In Brady Hospital V.V. Cave, who has been in Brady Hospital since last Friday, is seriously ill. He has had three blood transfusions and tests are still being made to determine the source of his trouble. Mrs. C.D. Wells and three children of Lake Charles, La., were here when her father became ill and the Caves’ two sons and wives, Mr. and Mrs. LaRue Cave of Uvalde and Mr. and Mrs. V.V. Cave, Jr., and children of Falcon Dam, came to be at the bedside of their father. * * * Attend Training Union David Groves, Betty Fowler, Bobby Barsch and Tommy Mae Jordan, accompanied by Miss Ann Short and mother, Mrs. M.C. Short of Rochelle, attended the Baptist Training Union Week held at Glorieta, N. Mex. They returned to Brady Wednesday. * * * Undergoes surgery Jimmy Cusenbary, county agent of McCulloch County, underwent an emergency operation Tuesday night for appendicitis. He is reported to be getting along nicely.

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