$1 million rain comes with violent thunderstorms

June 2-5, 1959 High winds and violent thunderstorms gave McCulloch County a “Million-Dollar Rain” this week’along with a few anxious moments. Rains which fell Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sent the creeks on a rise, and put out badly needed stock water in some sections. Communities around the county reported their biggest rains in months: 4.5 inches since Tuesday in Melvin; 3.5 inches at Fife, 2.6 inches at Lohn, 4.7 inches at Placid, 2.5 inches at Rochelle, 1.90 inches at Voca and 2.4 inches at Calf Creek. Brady’s total for Wednesday and Thursday morning was 1.52. The rain was scattered, however. Where one field got three inches, the adjoining field may have received only an inch. The anxious moments came at Melvin late Tuesday afternoon and at Placid Wednesday morning. A tornado was spotted south of Melvin on the Henry Dail place, but it fortunately dipped down into an open field and stirred up the dust. Placid suffered considerable damage in a hard-hitting wind and rain storm. George Veazey at the store in Placid gauged, 4.7 inches in 28 minutes after the storm struck about 10:30 a.m. Telephone service was interrupted at Placid and Mercury, and some electric lines were out. If it was a twister that hit Placid, no one knew it: “It was raining so hard you couldn’t see anything!” Gardens were ruined by hail. TV antennas were toppled. A section of the Placid Baptist Church was ripped off and thrown across the road into Lewis Knutson’s tank. The church’s ceiling suffered water damage. The porch on the post office at Mrs. Margaret Jordan’s home blew down, and her TV antenna fell across the roof. Trees were splintered and uprooted all around the area. George Vick’s trailer house was turned over. The wind took the roof off a garage at the George Veazey home and broke out a front window. But no one was hurt, and as Mrs. Veazey said, “We feel very thankful out here.” The storm lifted the roof momentarily on the L.W. Turnell home and let water pour in. “I’ve never seen so much water in my life,” Turnell said. Front porches were a favorite target of the wind, and just east of Placid two more fell, at the Ed Long home and at a farm owned by Mrs. Flora Waddill. Part of the Waddill roof was ripped off also. The windstorm did less damage in the Rochelle and Deep Creek areas. In Rochelle, a section of the roof on Milton Gainer’s store flew off and rained through the hole. “We couldn’t catch it all in tubs and buckets so we bored holes in the floor to let it out,” Mr. Gainer said. In the Deep Creek area Claud Knight’s garage was torn from the side of his house, and the home of W.D. Jeffreys was damaged also. Four inches of rain fell there Wednesday, and feed crops were hailed out. * * * Baptist pastors object to beer at Country Club A delegation of Baptist ministers asked the City Council Tuesday night to cooperate in prohibiting beer being served at the Country Club. “We know people are going to use it, but do we have to allow them to use it on city property'” asked the Rev. J.J. Jordan, pastor of the First Baptist Church. He was accompanied to the council meeting by the Rev. Gene Dickson, pastor of the Central Baptist Church, and the Rev. Bob Burtis, pastor of the Baptist Chapel. During last weekend’s golf tournament, Mr. Jordan said “it came to my attention that beer was being made available to those who wanted it. It was a shock to me. I thought this was a dry area. “Unable to contact any responsible person and with one day left of the tournament, we could not sit back and condone the practice.” Mr. Jordan then contacted the Liquor Control Board who sent up an agent to the Country Club Sunday morning. No charges were filed, however. “I understand the Country Club is city-owned and city-managed. No beer is sold, but it is permitted to be brought in and consumed on the premise. And I think a little gambling has been going on on the side, and other forms of alcohol are being used on a personal basis'” Mr. Jordan said he is “not out to spread stink,” but he asked the Council’s cooperation in “rewording the sign at the clubhouse,” which he quoted as saying: “No beer sold. Each may bring his own and consume in building.” Mr. Jordan then told the Council that “I just want to bring to your attention a situation that is unpleasant for a great part of the citizenship.” The Council had no comment and took no official action. * * * News from Melvin Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Holmquist requested the presence of their friends and relatives at the marriage of their daughter, Ruby Ann, to Mr. Thomas Edward Pubh Friday, the 12th day of June, 1959 at 8 p.m. at the first Methodist Church in Melvin. The reception was held in the church parlor immediately after the ceremony. Melvin Senior Trip The Melvin seniors returned home Thursday afternoon from a six-day trip which took them to Galveston, to New Orleans and other points of interest in Louisiana. Those who enjoyed the tour were Leanne Ledbetter, Kellene McLean, Linda Peel, Shirley Bratton, Micky Weaver, Douglas Turk, Billy Turner, Gale Wood, Dee Ward, Jerry Gossett, Rosa Sandoval, Gloria Fernandez, Olga Perez, Janie Pina, Maria Cervantez and Margie Lopez. Sponsors were K.O. Ellington, T. Wood, Mrs. John Bratton and Mrs. Robert Ledbetter. * * * Fife News Farm work here has been steady since the recent rains. Most cotton planting is finished and some of the cotton is up and ready for cultivation. A few fields of grain have been cut but yields are far below average. We are fortunate to have missed hail. Mrs. James Finlay Jr. entertained a group of Steve’s friends Thursday, May 28, with a party celebrating his sixth birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Langerhans and family of Anson visited last week with Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Utsey. Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Patterson visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cawyer and family in Abilene Sunday and attended the commencement exercises of Abilene High School. Lewis Allen Patterson was among the graduates and will enter Abilene Christian College this week. * * * Pakistan to Brady’ family on visit Mr. and Mrs. Fred St. Clair and two sons, Muncell, 8, and Nicholas, 6 of Karachi, Pakistan, flew to London recently on a vacation. There Mrs. St. Clair and the boys left Mr. St. Clair and flew to New York and on to Jacksonville, Fla., New Orleans, and Houston. After a 10-day visit with her mother, Mrs. B.C. Jones in Bryan they drove to Brady for a visit with Mrs. L.W. St. Clair. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard St. Clair and daughter, Paula, 9, of San Antonio spent the weekend in Brady visiting his mother and Mrs.. Fred St. Clair and boys. After a week’s visit in Brady, Mrs. St. Clair and sons returned to Bryan Sunday. Fred has been with the Pan American Airways for the last 19 years and recently was made advisor of the company. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Visitors from Abilene Mrs. W.D. Brookover and children, Barbara Lee and Billy Lee of Abilene, arrived in Brady Wednesday where they will be guests of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. A.H. Broad, until next Monday. * * * Attends brother’s funeral Mrs. Lawrence Lewis was notified Monday of the death of her brother, O.F. Crouch of Rosemead, Calif., who died Sunday. She attended the funeral in California, Wednesday.

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