Judge grants permanent injunction in feed lot suit

A judgement granting permanent injunction in the recent lawsuit involving a sheep feed lot in Melvin was filed in district court on May 8. In the injunction, defendants David and Mary Holubec are instructed that they must desist and refrain from numerous acts related to the operation of the feed lot. According to the injunction signed by District Judge Charles Sherrill, by July 12, 2000, the Holubecs must remove animals, feeders, fences, overhead lights, sheds and water troughs on the property adjacent to the property of plaintiffs Carl and Kathy Brandenberger. The injunction also states that the Holubecs must establish and maintain a grass turf on the approximately 10-acre feed lot to replace the existing ground conditions created by the operation of the feed lot. The lawsuit that was heard in April in District Court was filed by the Brandenbergers against the Holubecs for the deterioration of living conditions resulting from the operation of a feed lot adjacent to their property. A jury found that the feed lot did pose a nuisance and recommended damages in the amount of $7,262.50. Defense attorney Terry Norman told the Standard-Herald Thursday that appealing the judgment and injunction was a possibility but that decision had not yet been made.

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