Annual City audit due by June 15, Council to prioritize street repairs

One month and counting’that’s the final deadline for the City of Brady’s 1998-99 Fiscal Year audit which is currently in the hands of Michael Schaffner, CPA. After months of struggling with a Fredericksburg-based audit firm contracted to perform the audit, the city sought the expertise of Michael Schaffner, CPA, to step in and complete the 1998-99 fiscal year audit. When Schaffner and his staff took over the audit in mid-January, they discovered that none of the confirmations required to perform an audit had been sent out by the previous audit firm. Normally, at the end of a fiscal year of a municipality, that being Sept. 30 for the City of Brady, confirmation letters are sent out to The Department of Housing and Community Affairs, banks, various vendors, the Department of Transportation, etc. The city has approximately 50 confirmations. According to Schaffner, the audit should have taken place approximately 30 days after receiving those confirmation letters. After starting from the ground up, Schaffner’s firm currently lacks three to five days to complete the field work before establishing a format in which his firm can create a data base for the audit. “We’re essentially starting from scratch,” said Schaffner. “We don’t have a data base to build on as a firm normally would. The last time we did this audit was Sept. 30, 1994.” “Under no circumstance will you have this audit later than June 15,” added Schaffner. A lot of other logs were thrown on the City Council’s fire Tuesday night; however, none of the topics discussed in the meeting received as much heated attention as some long overdue street repairs. With several action items on Tuesday’s agenda focusing around street repairs or the lack thereof, the Council addressed three separate agenda items with regard to the issue. The Council discussed the street department’s annual functions and gathered input from community members as to what repairs the citizens consider most demanding. With that in mind, the Council elected City Manager Gary Broz to work closely with the street department in determining what streets need the most attention. Following a review of the city streets and needed repairs, the Council will address the agenda item again in a following meeting when the next phase of prioritizing city street repairs can begin. At the request of a Brady resident, the Council voted to open a section of East Burns Street on the south side of town to allow for proper traffic flow. The street department will begin tearing down a section of fence that was constructed over a portion of the street. In some housekeeping duties, Jesse McAnally and Matt Mills took the oath of office Tuesday night for Places 2 and 3 on the Brady City Council following the recent May 6 election. In addition, Donald Barley was elected the new mayor pro-tem by a four-to-two majority vote over Jack Browning. The City Council tabled the action item that would have resulted in the appointment of a charter review commission. Instead, the Council members chose to each present recommendations for the review commission to city Mayor Clarence Friar. Upon receiving all recommendations, the item will be addressed before the City Council in a later meeting where the charter review commission can then be appointed. In other business, at the request of the Council, Broz will follow up with both McCulloch County individuals who submitted a proposal to take over all operations and management of the Brady Municipal Golf Course pro shop. The Council concluded that the bids submitted by both individuals weren’t comparable. Both David Graves and Lee Williams, the individuals who submitted bids to the city, will have the opportunity to review what functions the city will remain in control of and what responsibilities will be rendered unto them. To solve a temporary staffing problem, Broz requested that the Council allow McAnally to conduct temporary inspections (sewer, electrical, plumbing, building, etc.) on a volunteer basis for the city. In addition, Broz requested that the Council consider a replacement for the position of city building official which was previously held by McAnally. Broz’s requests were approved by the Council and applications will be sent out to fill the position for building official. One item on the agenda that died due to lack of action stemmed from recent complaints and allegations concerning the local law enforcement agency. However, because Brady Police Chief John Stewart was unable to attend the meeting due to prior obligations, the Council did not take any action on the item. In the ordinance category on the agenda, two ordinances were approved by the Council on their third and final readings which include an ordinance establishing minimum operating standards at Brady’s Curtis Field and an ordinance establishing rules and regulations at Brady’s Curtis Field Airport. The Council will reconvene on Tuesday, June 6 at 7 p.m. for their next regularly scheduled meeting.

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