Lohn hosts full day of academic contests

Lohn Independent School District recently hosted the zone elementary and junior high UIL meet on April 18. Students from Lohn, Rochelle, Richland Springs, Brooksmith and Cherokee competed in a full day of academic contests. Lohn students who received medals or ribbons were Jeni Stevens, sixth in oral reading, fourth in creative writing; Joshua Medaris, third in storytelling, first in creative writing; Amy Smith, third in oral reading; Chelsea Tuley, fourth in oral reading; Jessica Pierce, third in storytelling; Anna Constancia, first in spelling, first in oral reading; J.J. Bell, fifth in number sense, fourth in maps, graphs and charts, sixth in spelling; Carrie Smith, sixth in oral reading; Katey Huth, fourth in listening, third in ready writing, second in spelling, fifth in dictionary skills; Janie Vela, sixth in maps, graphs and charts; Aubrey Medaris, first in spelling, first in ready writing, fourth in dictionary skills; Lance Helberg, third in oral reading; Corey Mendez, fifth in ready writing, first in listening; Freddie Rodriguez, sixth in listening; Jason Bloomer, fifth in number sense, sixth in dictionary skills, second in maps, graphs and charts, fifth in spelling; Nathan Huth, fourth in science, fifth in mathematics, third in maps, graphs and charts, first in listening, second in spelling and sixth in number sense; Riley McFarland, third in ready writing, third in listening; Jeremy Bloomer, sixth in spelling; Samantha Johnstone, fifth in oral reading, sixth in ready writing, fifth in mathematics; Richard Bivens, third in listening; Jana Solsbery, fourth in science, fourth in calculator applications, first in mathematics, fifth in spelling; Bill Fore, fifth in calculator application; and Chance Anderson, sixth in dictionary skills.

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